Entropy-based Consistent Model Driven Architecture

The description of the software architecture is a plan of the construction of IT system , therefore any architecture gaps are negatively affecting overall success of the entire project. The definitions mostly describe software architecture as the set of views which are unrelated between themselves, hence inconsistent. The software architecture completeness is often described in an ambiguous way. Most of the methods of the building of IT systems in result comprise of many gaps and ambiguities what presents the greatest obstacle for an automation of the building of software. In this article a consistency and a completeness of the software architecture are defined based on entropy. Entropy decreases while software architecture gets more consistent and complete. In this paper we propose also automatic verification of consistency of the series of UML diagrams originating from abstract models implemented with our consistency rules to the deployment model what enables the advanced automation of software development for example of complete workflow applications.

Author: Stanisław Jerzy Niepostyn
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