Holographic display with LED sources illumination and enlarged viewing angle

In our work we propose first known holographic display with LED illumination and enlarged viewing angle by use of multiple incoherent sources. For such sources quality of reconstructed holograms drops with distance from the display SLM. Therefore the optimal architecture of holographic displays employing LED sources is an imaging holographic configuration. In presented holographic display design we employ phase only SLM because it allows to obtain reconstructions of improved quality. In order to reconstruct complex amplitude of hologram phase only modulators need some propagation distances. Fortunately by applying appropriate coding and decoding technique it is possible to reconstruct complex wave also at planes close to the SLM. To enlarge viewing angle of our holographic display we use three horizontally separated sources and time multiplexing method. Built holographic display employs complex coding scheme, incoherent LED source illumination, and Frequency division method. In experimental part we show that our solution allows to obtain high quality 3D reconstructions with enlarged viewing angle.

Author: Maksymilian ChlipaƂa
Conference: Title